Happy Customer Reviews

"I have my light system installed on my chair and it looks AWESOME!  Thank you for all the help you gave me to purchase the system. I feel a lot safer now being on the sidewalks in my area. I am sending you a video to show you what my hair looks like all lite up." - Joey (Purchased for his manual wheelchair.)

Joey at Disney World with his LED Lighting system installed on his manual wheelchair.


"Thanks so much for making this great product for my Sophia and all the peeps that will love using this on their chairs!" - Gary (Purchased for his daughter's Quickie IRIS Electric Pediatric Wheelchair.)

Quickie IRIS Power Wheelchair Child's 14 inch Pediatric Chair

"Loving my personalized light system. Subtle for work with solid colors that match my outfit. Little wild and crazy running lights when I'm in the parking lot after dark. Flashing on arrival when descending from my ramp van" - Janette (Purchased for her power wheelchair.)